2nd Show

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Kelly Proctor   Bio

Karen McBride     Bio
Between Dreams

George Wellsbury     Bio
Reiki Hands On Healing

   Janet Miller     Bio:
A Spirited Path

Lucia Ann Engineer Ph.D:Bio
Sacred Journey Within
Sacred Drumming Circle

Derek Byers       Bio
Purity Hemp Products

David Whitehead-Sensei
The World Was Meant
To Be Free    Bio
 Our 2nd Show

Scenes from the Healthy Spirit Show

On May 26/2013

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The 2nd " Healthy Spirit" Show was great in many ways! The energy was very positive and very uplifting. There was a diverse variety of natural health products and services. Many great connections were made between the exhibitors and the attendees. With the exhibitor feed back that was received, most were happy with the outcome of the show and asked to be included on the list in the fall show.

Many thanks goes out to all the exhibitors! More thanks to the public who came out to support our show and a special thanks to all of the amazing speakers and people who helped during the event! Without their participation none of this would have been possible.

We look forward to our next Healthy Spirit Show in the fall. We are aiming for October and we are looking at larger venues as we already have a list of exhibitors wanting to participate in the next event. If you are interested in having your name put on the list for the next event please email us.

Thank you  again Spirit for giving us another super sunny day for the event!

George, Lesley, Janet
Show Organizers

2nd Show Exhibitors
(Exhibitor Profiles)

Gift Baskets and Gifts - L.Roper/G. Wellsbury (Metaphysical Products)

2. Gift Baskets and Gifts - G. Wellsbury (Metaphysical Products)
3. A Spirited Path - Janet Miller (PSYCH-K, Intuitive Energy Work)
4. Brilliant Soulz - kelly-Lee (Personal Energy Management)
5. Back To the Land - Sandy Roecken (Bees Wax Candles)
6. Delightful Suds Marta Raptis (Natural Soaps)
7. Optimal Life Chiropractic -  Dr. Michael Coulas (Chiropractor)
8. Between Dreams - Karen McBride (Akashic Records)
9. Dr. Alva Folkes - (Zija)
10. Proactive Chiropractic - Dr. Rudy Enns (Chiropractic)
11. Row's Beads - Rowena Hill (Hand Made Beads & stone Jewellery)
12. Body Wisdom -  Zander Townend (Acupuncture)
13. Serenity Now - Joanne Terrade (Meditation)
14. Jo-Anne Dufoe - (Intuitive Medium Reader)
15. Butterflies Within - Debbie Boudreu (Spiritual Products)
16. Sacred Journey Within-Lucia Ann Engineer(Sacred Drumming)
17. Bright insights - Julie Stewart -  Shamanic Reiki
18. EPFX Biofeedback (Anne-Marie Edwards)
19. Glamor Cosmetics - Karen McIntosh (Natural Skin Care)
20. Asea - Carole Seens (Asea)
21. Choose A Lifestyle - Helen Northcott (Vegan Cooking)
22. "R" Farm - Jaison Giblson (Country Farm Experience)
23. Lucia - (Luna) (Angelic Readings)
24. GanoLife - Michelle Pace (Enriched Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate)
25. DNHC - Dr. Natalie McCulloch (Naturopathic Medicine)
26. Mindful Solutions - Jennifer Lauder (Hypnosis Coaching)
27. The Table  -  By Carol  (Soup Cuisine)
28. Hemp For Victory -  Derek Byers (Purity Hemp Products)
29. Heal Naturally Holistic Health - (Live Blood Analysis)
30. A Private Members Club - Gordon Wellsbury
31.Inner Health - Cherri Campbell (Homeopthy)
32. Ka-Boom Cafe - Mika Balogh (In the Kitchen)

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