4th Show
Profiles & Bio's

Jennifer Papaconstantinou
Heal Naturally
Holistic Health  -   Bio

Lindy Martin     Bio
Massage Therapist

Dawn James    Bio
Raise Your Vibration
Our 4th Show

Thank you to all the exhibitors and all the attendees for joining us at the 4th Healthy Spirit Show. It was a wonderful event! Although the snow kept some people from attending the show we were pleased with the turn out.

See us on....

1. Gift Baskets and Gifts-L.Roper/G.Wellsbury (Metaphysical Products)
2. Gift Baskets and Gifts - L.Roper/ G.Wellsbury (Metaphysical Products)
3. Between Dreams - Karen McBride (Akashic Records/Spiritual Coaching)
4. Quantum EPFX Biofeedback (Anne-Marie Edwards)
5. Inner Health - Cherri Campbell (Homeopthy)
6. Mandzak Chiropractic - Dr. Tim Mandzak (Chiropractor)
7. Lindy Martin- Registered Massage Therapist (R.M.T.)
8. Naturopathic Doctor - Dr. Carla King (ND)
9. Heal Naturally Holistic Health - (Live Blood Analysis)
10. Cupcake Junkie Bakery & Cafe - Jessica Kula-Trinier (In the Kitchen)
11. Arbonne Canada - Ariana Horning (Natural Body Products)
12. Raise Your Vibration - Dawn James (Vibrational Energy)
13. Samaritan’s Purse - (Supporting children in need globally)
14. Reiki Hands On Healing - George Wellsbury (Energy Healing)
15. KD Cloth - Stephanie Perigoe (Natural Cloths)
16. Younique - Lynda Smith -  (Natural Makeup & Skincare)
17. Simple Life - Sanja Hlobik - (Natural home Cleaning Products)
18.Gano Life - Michelle Pace (King Of Herbs, Coffee, Tea, Cappuccino)
19. Eko Ella - Eleonor Peykova (Natural Soaps & Dishes)
20. LD Hypnotherapy & Addiction Counseling - Lisa Davies
21. Free Durham from Fluoride - Stacey Snow (Fluoride Awareness)
22. Bead Rock - Beth Bianchi (Hand made Jewelry)
23. Zen Light Inspired Karate - Carl Stedmond (Zen Karate)
24. Spiritual Artist - Sueanne Adam (Spiritual Paintings)
25. Healthy Planet -Syed Rizui (Health Food Store)
26. Sheila Makins - (Tarot /Angel Readings)
27. Isola Jewellery - Veronica Ciandr (Healing Jewellery)
28. Byron Akey - Healthy Cleaning Products
29. Young Living (Essential Oils)
30. Total Reflex Health - Donna Grace (Reflexology)
31. Aspire Body & Mind - Tania Cowey (Zumba Fitness)
32.  Bod-E-Tune - Mike Butler (Nano Health Bracelets)
33.  Black To Eden - Emmanual Pollard (Shea Butter Products/Natural Skin Care)