Sheila Makins
Tarot /Angel Card Readings

Sheila has been reading cards for approximately 30 years. During this time, she has taken many extra courses to advance her intuition. She has become knowledgeable in the art of Smudging, a cleansing ritual she uses before each reading, to bring only positive energies to the client. She was educated in this ritual by Melba West, from Odyssey Books, a crafts person who teaches first Nation Traditions. Sheila has attended classes with Kathy Ong., an Angel Therapy Practitioner certified by Diane Virtue. during her reading, Sheila uses a number of decks of cards including Angel Cards. Sheila has also been very fortunate to be part of education classes by Leila Vey, the author of "Tarot of Timeless Truth" deck and book. She uses these cards as a base for her readings, plus Angel Cards and The Psychic Tarot Oracle Book John Holland. During her readings Sheila will help her clients to gain guidance, hope and understanding from any aspect of their lives, as well as guiding them into the right decisions, and helping them deal with any problems they have at the time. She believes in giving her clients every opportunity to discuss their concerns and listens with caring and loving attention to each individual person.

Private Readings and parties available!


Sheila Makins

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