Dr. Clay Kosinko

Health First Family Chiropractic

Hello, and welcome to Health First Family Chiropractic. My name is Dr. Clay Kosinko. It is truly an honor and privilege to serve you and your loved ones on your journey toward reaching your ultimate health potential. I opened Health First Family Chiropractic in Ajax Ontario on April 2012 with a passion to serve our community by restoring people back to health through chiropractic care. You will notice that this office is quite different than other doctor’s offices. We are dedicated to serve you, help you achieve health (at YOUR FULLEST POTENTIAL) and to create an experience that is unique to you and your family

The Power of Health: The forgotten solution to your family’s  development, happiness and Quality of Life

Most patients enter the office for the first time for relief of a specific symptom or pain. I utilize procedures that provide these people natural and safe care that can restore them back to a symptom free way of life. However, we have found that there is more to a healthy life than merely the absence of symptoms.

At our office, we believe that health is expressing our full potential physically, mentally and emotionally. Think about this, you can be pain free but still not have the energy  you desire or have the passion that others seem to have. You may even need to take potentially harmful medication everyday to keep your body “working correctly” (at least symptomatically). This is where our office is different.

We provide a wellness program to allow our patients to achieve their full health potential. I’ve personally experienced and watched others transform with the power of health! I have had the privilege to watch people revert back to a quality of life that was thought to be long forgotten and unattainable. Now they can play with children or grandchildren again without the scare of flare-ups, injuries or pain. I have seen children that no longer need their medication for asthma or drugs for their ADD or ADHD, ear infections miraculously no longer present... I have seen others that suffered with chronic conditions for decades and with chiropractic care no longer have a single episode of their condition. I know we all want a healthy, productive and purposeful life but without health this is not possible. I am confident that the care we provide at Health First Family Chiropractic can improve your family’s level of health and enjoyment life at a much higher level.

My wife Princess and I live in Whitby and haf our first child on November 12, 2012. Dominics’ birth has given me an even stronger passion to teach the health benefits of chiropractic care. I can honestly say that I could not imagine trying to raise my child without the  knowledge of chiropractic care and the benefits it has for children. I talk to parents & caregivers everyday that are dealing with the increased demands of raising our kids in a world with growing numbers of autism, asthma, ADD, chronic ear infections, colic etc.     

Parents want the best for their children and I can feel the stress that it causes them when trying to raise healthy children – as they are intended to be. However, common voices only offer them more medications or “they’ll grow out of it”...”it will go away with time”...”you will have to deal with it”. I am here to help those parents that want the VERY BEST for their children and don’t believe that the only option to have a healthy child is provide medications. We offer parents a safe, natural and effective solution to help them raise healthy, purposeful children.

I am Dr. Clay Kosinko at Health First Family Chiropractic and I am here to tell you that we are here to educate you every step of the way so that you can make the best decisions for you and your family. I have no way of knowing whether you have experienced chiropractic care prior to coming to our office but one thing that I’m not okay with is living up to your previous expectations. Our procedures are designed to keep you as the patient in mind and give you the dignity you deserve to have in life! This is the most unique doctor-patient relationship that you will experience, and welcome to it. God Bless You.

Dr. Clay Kosinko

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