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                                                                                                                             George Wellsbury

Reiki Hands on Healing

George has been psychically aware since the age of 10. In his early 30s he started playing with energy and he found out that he had a natural gift for healing. Over the years he experimented with many concepts of healing and was a sponge for information on the subject of healing and truth. He later found Reiki and became certified and is a Reiki Master. George is now a Reiki Practitioner and teaches the levels of Traditional Usui out of his Whitby store.

Through his years of studying natural healing George also became more aware of how the medical industry is all about keeping people sick and not ever finding the real root of where illnesses stem from. Working with the client, Reiki as well as all other holistic practices gets to the root of where an illness begins. Through natural/holistic methods cures can regulate illness and disease. Holistic wellness works hand in hand with Spirituality and Global Truth.

George embraces all aspects of living life from the heart; a true and honest perspective. His passion is to share the knowledge that he has gained through his many years of research. His hope is that others too will start to look at our world with open eyes and begin to make informed choices on their health, lifestyles and overall wellness. If you have any questions George is always available to talk with you about anything that you feel he may be able to help you with. Drop by my table for a chat.

If you drop by the show and you have a migraine created from too much stress in your life, I will get rid of it for you in most cases probably under 5 minutes!


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George Wellsbury

Reiki Master/Teacher

Reiki Hands On Healing
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